Stepping Up Our Game With A New Campaign 🙌

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 54 years, you’ve heard the name Comcast. Starting as a small Mississippi cable system in 1963, Comcast has become a leader in the worlds of media, entertainment, and technology. So, you’re probably wondering, “Why is NX Direct giving a brief history on Comcast?” Great question!

NX Direct is proud to announce that we have officially launched a new campaign with a new client! Yes, you’ve guessed it; it’s Comcast! By working with Comcast, we have implemented a win-win-win strategy: a win for our client, a win for our company, and a win for our team members!

Why our client wins:

Comcast chooses to work with marketing and sales firms such as NX Direct for many reasons, the biggest being our face-to-face representation. While other direct marketing methods such as telemarketing or direct mail are effective, they lack the personal touch that face-to-face marketing brings. Because NX Direct guarantees a 100% return-on-investment, we play a major role in helping our clients reach their goals. Comcast’s marketing goals are the following:

-To offer all Comcast Corporation services to all of the lower 48 states within 10 years

-To grow the business by at least 35% within 10 years

-To have all of their customers connected to a new network within 15 years

Why NX Direct wins:

NX Direct began piloting Comcast in December of 2016 with 5 reps. Since then, our company has opened another other office and multiplied in headcount – 5 times to be exact! Our goal is to have at least 6 offices across the country by the end of this summer!

By acquiring Fortune 100 clients such as Comcast, NX Direct is able to continue its national expansion which in turn generates more revenue and amplifies our company identity. The ability to represent such a prestigious client allows us to continuously improve our skill set in direct marketing, retail-based sales, and customer acquisitions. Our goal in partnering with Comcast is to be recognized as one of the “Top Workplaces” in Atlanta in 2017. 

Why our team wins:

By opening more offices across the country, we provide even more opportunity to our team members. NX Direct’s expansion opens new positions in multiple departments, such as Human Resources and Management. Growth is our main focus at NX Direct, so every individual is given the opportunity to advance into executive level positions based on merit and performance for the client. Because our business is limitless, our employees are always climbing to new heights.

By operating under a performance-based environment we ensure that our client is represented by the best talent in Atlanta, delivered quantifiable results, and ensured continuous growth into new markets outside of the Big Peach! Under the guidance of an executive team with over a decade of experience, we expect nothing but excellence. As our motto goes, “Redefining marketing and sales” never looked so good as it does with NX Direct.

With the launching of our Comcast campaign just beginning, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates on NX Direct’s budding expansion, employee promotions, and continued success through our Instagram page! 


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