A Year In Recap: 2017 At NX Direct 🏆

2017 was a big year for us here at NX Direct. Like HUGE! We’re talking promotions, travel, team bonding, awards, growth – it was an amazing year all around. The thing we love most about our team here at NX Direct is that we always celebrate the good times and relish in our successes but then roll our sleeves up the next day and get back to our goals….and 2018 – we have our eyes set on you!

Here’s what all we did this year! 


Wow – talk about going places!! We started off January 2017 in Austin, TX at a massive sales & leadership conference held by our client’s broker, made our way back to Texas in July (this time to Dallas) for a networking & awards conference, found ourselves in Punta Cana in October for some much deserved R&R, and in between went everywhere you can imagine – Chicago, Seattle, Raleigh, Denver, Los Angeles, Philly, Phoenix, Orlando – the list goes on!! We believe that the best learning experiences come from outside of your comfort zone and make it a habit to provide our team the opportunities to travel past Atlanta at LEAST once a quarter!


2017 was a year of team bonding & exercises. As if traveling cross country with your colleagues wasn’t cool enough, our management team made sure there was a team event available WEEKLY to everyone – whether it was shooting some pool after work, grabbing happy hour, or watching a live sporting event! Why? Because a team happy with their coworkers and environment comes to work in a better state of mind, and a better state of mind produces better work! Here were some of our favorite team events this year:

➡️ Atlanta United FC Game

➡️ Top Golf

➡️ Atlanta Braves Game

➡️ Falcons vs. Cowboys


2017 wasn’t just great for our team personally – it was always an incredible year professionally. Due to the outstanding work ethic and results constantly delivered by NX Direct, our company was chosen by Comcast to pilot a new retail campaign back in March! Since then, our team has grown in confidence, knowledge, and experience, advancing both our client’s market share and their need for new managers. Accordingly, we promoted both Vinni Ascencao and Geo Varghese to Management, helping us oversee more territory and team members here within the Atlanta market.


To cap it all off, we were recognized the last 2 quarters by both our client & broker, earning their coveted “Campaign Cup” from AprilSeptember. In January we’ll again seal the cup for outstanding performance from October – December! With said recognition comes bragging rights (of course!), but also the opportunity to be recognized in front of all of our peers at the next conference held in downtown Atlanta in February!

With such a successful year under our belt, our team is primed to do even bigger things in 2018. With the current leadership and talent we have, we expect to help our client grow 5 fold in the new year, extending the reach of NX Direct from coast to coast. Be sure to stay up to date with all of our upcoming travels and awards on either Instagram or LinkedIn and from all of us here, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 🎆🎆


Atlanta’s Very Own Bostonian, Jordan Loring

Meet Jordan – an athletic, outgoing, team-oriented superstar currently excelling in our Management Training Program at NX Direct! A native of Attleboro, MA, Jordan spent his first 8 years in the Northeast before his family decided to relocate to Suwanee, GA!

4 years sIMG_0004pent in Suwanee and a now Bulldog fan, Jordan’s family relocated again – this time closer to the Alabama border in Bremen. An athletic and outgoing child, he immersed himself in baseball and basketball and easily made friends with his contagious personality!  He enjoyed being outdoors, going hunting or riding 4-wheelers – anything that kept him active and out of the house!

With great parents guiding Jordan into a responsible young adult, a lot of emphasis was placed on his schooling and surrounding himself with the right friends and colleagues! Starting with NX Direct pretty quickly after graduation, Jordan immediately fell in love with 3 things: 1) the company’s travel opportunities, 2) the constant opportunity to develop himself and others, and 3) the culture environment. Quoting him directly, ” I loved that I was treated as a unique person that brought new skills to the table and not just as a number.” IMG_0005

IMG_0003Looking up to Geo Varghese as his mentor in business, Jordan is both amazed at how much he’s grown in his year since NX Direct but also prepared to put in the time and effort to advance into the management position he know’s he’s destined for. With aspirations to be promoted to assistant management and then management by his 21st birthday, Jordan works with passion and an intensity far beyond his years.

He attributes his recent success at NX Direct to his focus on preparation and his ability to have & maintain a positive attitude. Jordan doesn’t let hurdles or obstacles deter him from his goals and instead turns on his “tunnel vision” until he achieves what he set his mind to. Looking to be a source of inspiration for his younger 11 year old brother, Jordan always acts with his family and future goals in mind.

In his free time he enjoys watching sports highlights, listening to music, aIMG_0006nd watching any Boston sports team from the Celtics to the Patriots! We wanted to express our pride in having someone of Jordan’s talents in our company and thank him profusely for one year of continued dedication to NX Direct. Keep up the great work, buddy – we see nothing but big things in your future!


GO, Geo, GO – Meet NX Direct’s Newest Manager!

The talent here at NX Direct is off the charts. When we say we work with remarkable, ambitious, hard-working, educated rockstars, we mean it with every fiber in our being. Geo Varghese, Assistant Manager here at NX Direct, is the definition of raw talent, personality, and work ethic – refined through our firm’s renowned Management Training Program.

A child of two immigrants, Geo grew up with a clear understanding of what hard work and opportunity looked like. With both parents working 50-60 hour work weeks, Geo knew when he was older he wanted a career that allowed him freedom & flexibility in his schedule; he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Starting his career first in Chick-fil-a’s Leadership Program, Geo spent 6 1/2 years faithfully dedicated to the organization’s mission and commitment to customer service. From his sophomore year to his graduation from college, Geo worked on improving his communication, time management, and training skills, making him a shoe-in for a position at NX Direct; a position he fatefully found after his graduation from Georgia State University – Perimeter College.

Upon submitting his resume online and receiving a call from the Human Resources team of NX Direct back in March 2014, Geo recalls interviewing personally with NX’s CEO, Nelson. Excited by the company’s advancement opportunities and performance based growth, he started immediately with management on his mind.

Now in September 2017, Geo has accomplished what he set out to do 3 years ago and done so with style and heart. When asked what helped him accomplish this goal, he responded “I was a student – eager to learn and always wanting to improve. Everyday I asked if I was bettering myself and improving as a person and professional and when the answer was ‘yes’ everyday I kept going.”

Now as he moves into his new role as a Manager at NX Direct with goals of helping our client expand further in Atlanta, Geo has even more of an influence on our team and company’s growth. With his experience and enthusiasm, we look to expand NX Direct 4-fold next year outside of Atlanta, taking on new clientele and campaigns.

When he’s not working his tail end off, Geo can be found shooting pool, playing video games, watching Power & Ballers, or checking out the latest posts on NX Direct’s Facebook. 😉  Geo’s promotion to management is just the first of many for this young man, and our pride in him is so IMMENSE we had to write this blog in appreciation!

Geo – CONGRATS on your promotion, congrats on this accomplishment, and most importantly, congrats on being such a respected force in our office. We can’t wait to see what all you do as a Manager!



A Born Entrepreneur: NX Direct’s Vinni Ascencao

At NX Direct, several distinct personalities enter our Manager In Training Program. We often see the entry level individual, eager for experience and looking for a resume builder. We see the seasoned marketing or sales professional, actively seeking more upward mobility in an industry they love, or lastly, we see the entrepreneurial spirits bursting with the desire to run their own business but needing the guidance and mentorship to get there. When Vinni Ascencao interviewed with our company in October 2015, we knew he was the third personality type — a natural-born entrepreneur looking for an opportunity. 

Born in San Paolo, Brazil, Vinni grew up with a soccer ball at his feet and eyes towards his two older brothers. When his family relocated to Florida at the age of 7 and then Georgia at 14, Vinni remained active on the field making friends wherever he went. The Captain of his soccer team, he quickly learned the value of working hard, giving respect, and leading by example.

After his high school graduation, Vinni immediately began studying Exercise Science and Business at Georgia Gwinnett College while also holding a job as a personal trainer! Passionate about coaching others and helping them reach their fitness goals, Vinni did this for 2 years before realizing he was ready to pursue a more serious career in the business field. Knowing that he wanted to run his own business and that strong sales skills were key to success, Vinni sought out a sales position in Atlanta.

It was then he stumbled upon NX Direct and interviewed twice with CEO, Nelson Figueroa. The two connected over their love for sports and performance-based environments, and Vinni gladly accepted a full-time position as a Sales Account Executive. Still in school, just now taking night classes to accommodate his career at NX Direct, Vinni recalls having to leave work early and feeling like he could grow so much faster if he was committed 100%, not split 50/50. After much debate on the topic, he decided to put his schooling on hold and focus on work.

Just months after his decision, Vinni was promoted into an Assistant Management role in November 2016 position – reaffirming that he made the right decision for himself. The following month when NX Direct was approached by a new client, Comcast, Vinni, and Nelson accepted the challenge of piloting a retail-based sales/customer acquisition program for them starting in the new year!

Despite a change in the client, campaign and office space, Vinni emerged triumphantly and was recognized repeatedly as an office pacesetter for sales and customer satisfaction. It was without surprise that 3 months later, Comcast asked Vinni to help them oversee an additional campaign in Atlanta, and a month into his new role as a Managing Partner, Vinni is still setting the example by leading his team with passion and the energy of a Brazilian soccer star!

When you can’t find Vinni in the office, you can catch him around Atlanta with his 4 best friends, playing a pick-up game of soccer, or chatting with his 2 brothers, Alexander and Adriano (who both run successful businesses of their own, too)! Despite his recent success, Vinni remains humble, hard-working and virtuous. He reminds us that when you want to be the best on the field, you have to be willing to put in your best every day.

To Vinni – Congratulations, buddy, on your promotion and growth in such a short time, and we can’t wait to see where all a career at NX Direct takes you! Follow Vinni, his team, and growth here on our Instagram @nxdirectatl! 

Stepping Up Our Game With A New Campaign 🙌

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for 54 years, you’ve heard the name Comcast. Starting as a small Mississippi cable system in 1963, Comcast has become a leader in the worlds of media, entertainment, and technology. So, you’re probably wondering, “Why is NX Direct giving a brief history on Comcast?” Great question!

NX Direct is proud to announce that we have officially launched a new campaign with a new client! Yes, you’ve guessed it; it’s Comcast! By working with Comcast, we have implemented a win-win-win strategy: a win for our client, a win for our company, and a win for our team members!

Why our client wins:

Comcast chooses to work with marketing and sales firms such as NX Direct for many reasons, the biggest being our face-to-face representation. While other direct marketing methods such as telemarketing or direct mail are effective, they lack the personal touch that face-to-face marketing brings. Because NX Direct guarantees a 100% return-on-investment, we play a major role in helping our clients reach their goals. Comcast’s marketing goals are the following:

-To offer all Comcast Corporation services to all of the lower 48 states within 10 years

-To grow the business by at least 35% within 10 years

-To have all of their customers connected to a new network within 15 years

Why NX Direct wins:

NX Direct began piloting Comcast in December of 2016 with 5 reps. Since then, our company has opened another other office and multiplied in headcount – 5 times to be exact! Our goal is to have at least 6 offices across the country by the end of this summer!

By acquiring Fortune 100 clients such as Comcast, NX Direct is able to continue its national expansion which in turn generates more revenue and amplifies our company identity. The ability to represent such a prestigious client allows us to continuously improve our skill set in direct marketing, retail-based sales, and customer acquisitions. Our goal in partnering with Comcast is to be recognized as one of the “Top Workplaces” in Atlanta in 2017. 

Why our team wins:

By opening more offices across the country, we provide even more opportunity to our team members. NX Direct’s expansion opens new positions in multiple departments, such as Human Resources and Management. Growth is our main focus at NX Direct, so every individual is given the opportunity to advance into executive level positions based on merit and performance for the client. Because our business is limitless, our employees are always climbing to new heights.

By operating under a performance-based environment we ensure that our client is represented by the best talent in Atlanta, delivered quantifiable results, and ensured continuous growth into new markets outside of the Big Peach! Under the guidance of an executive team with over a decade of experience, we expect nothing but excellence. As our motto goes, “Redefining marketing and sales” never looked so good as it does with NX Direct.

With the launching of our Comcast campaign just beginning, we encourage you to stay tuned for updates on NX Direct’s budding expansion, employee promotions, and continued success through our Instagram page! 

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